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Ten percent of all our proceeds are donated to youth programs to teach and bring awareness to hard social justice issues. Our hope is to have a 'Be The Ruth in The Room' program in every school in the United States. But we can’t do this alone, we need your support. Let's do this together!

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Be The Ruth In The Room

Our Story

The name Ruth has been a symbol of both resilience and perseverance; a sign of hard-earned honor and a beacon of hope amongst a plethora of darkness. The famed story of Ruth, the journey of a woman known not only for her selflessness but for her unending determination as she chooses a life filled with poverty and hardship over the welcome security of staying in the land that was known to her and in which she had a home.
Despite the constant reassurance from her mother-in-law, Naomi, that she was not bound to stay with her and undergo extreme adversity, Ruth nonetheless persisted through hunger, poverty, ridicule and isolation because it was greater to lead a life of virtue and value than of comfort and complacency. Ruth taught that it is imperative to act upon one's beliefs rather than accept the mainstream ways of society and to rise above the waves of discouragement and tribulation. Little did Ruth know that her first steps alongside Naomi were also the first steps that would lead her to actualizing her potential as one of the greatest women in Jewish history. It was for her unwavering devotion that she was able to see the fruits of her labor, not only meriting the nation's ultimate salvation to come from her but also acting as a model for others to apply the lessons of her life to their own in turn, fostering a headstrong mentality for young leaders of today’s generation to adopt. The name Ruth continues to epitomize the principles of determination and morality and remaining on the path of virtue despite an overabundance of uncertainty. Female leaders such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg carried on that sentiment as they incessantly advocated for justice and equality even when it seemed that the world stood against them.

About Us

Eti ElKiss and Karen Cohen, are the co-founders and producers at Double Trouble Worldwide Productions and Be The Ruth In the Room. The two have been friends for over 30 years and lived in Los Angeles their entire lives. Eti and Karen are trailblazers in their Los Angeles communities. Eti’s life has centered itself in the world of advocacy and entrepreneurship with vast experience in the financial services sector and entertainment field, her skills and leadership have helped her successfully spearhead multiple businesses and have led her to found a non-profit organization named 'Green-4-Kids'. Well known for her outspokenness and unwavering moral compass, Eti stops at nothing to fight for equality and social justice. On the other hand, her business partner Karen has dedicated her life to Social Work, working as a Bilingual Therapist in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years. Her work with many different ethnic groups over the years has helped her develop the valuable skill of mediation - counseling children and adults how to be more tolerant toward other cultures and beliefs. She has a passion for justice and making change in the lives of children and their families. Karen also works with Foster Youth and Homeless families. Eti and Karen created Be The Ruth in The Room to bring awareness to injustices and hard social issues that many communities all over the world are facing today. Their hope is to facilitate acceptance and connections between different people and communities one step at the time. Be the Ruth in the Room means to stand up for the right thing! It’s not just a statement, it’s a call for action. Wearing Be The Ruth in the Room means you are a part of our unique tribe, it means that you too want to.... Be The Action Be The Movement Be The Change Be The Ruth in the Room

Every Name Can Foster a Movement.

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